Keep all of your marketing contacts in a single database and organize them into any customized segments, categories, or tag that aligns with your marketing mission. With every email campaign, you can monitor customer activities and send them targeted emails on the basis of their segmentation. Send them information based on what you know they are interested in, instead of sending them emails about all of your services.

a) Segment based on demography

Segment your leads by their demographic profiles and engage them accordingly. ONMRT’s marketing automation allows you to segment your leads based on a person’s profile – their name, title, email, company, location, etc.

b) Segment based on activity

Segment your leads based on how they have engaged with your website and other marketing campaigns. ONMRT segments them based on whether or not they opened or clicked on a specific message, or if they visited a specific webpage, filled out a specific form, or downloaded a specific resource, etc.

Landing Pages and Forms

Have your promotional strategy in place with creatively designed landing pages and automated forms from ONMRT. Create compelling, responsive forms on ONMRT and embed them on your website. And, easily customize individual landing pages for each initiative with tailored content optimized for your target audience.

a) Landing Pages

It’s easy to build web and mobile-friendly landing pages with ONMRT for your campaigns, offers, and programs that allow you to measure response and drive conversion. Landing page inspires leads to convert on spot or at least move them down to marketing funnel.

b) Forms

Include forms, with or without progressive profiling, to your pages to acquire complete insights about your visitors for starting a conversation with them. Dynamic forms autocomplete fields for known visitors and look great on any site with custom CSS. With ONMRT, you can even map fields from 3rd-party and native forms and use that information for easy and accurate segmentation.

Campaign Automation

Effortlessly build tailored campaigns with marketing-curated content from ONMRT. Automatically guide your audience through each of the stages of the marketing funnel by easily triggering communications based on their information and activities. With behavioral-based tracking, understand what interests your leads, to engage them at critical points and receive high conversion rates.

a) Multi-Channel Communications

Find and use the channel that works best for your targeted group and control the campaign success. ONMRT’s interactive campaign builder allows marketers to effortlessly create automated multi-channel communications in a customer-friendly format.

b) Intelligence driven automated campaigns

With ONMRT’s automated actions send automated responses and update data in marketing apps and CRMs that you use - Ex: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Unbounce, Instapage, GoToWebinar and many more. Automatically move the leads down the marketing funnel when an important activity occurs at the customer end.

c) Better Growth. Better Experience

Keep your offline and online marketing teams and their goals aligned for better customer experience and higher conversion rates. Using ONMRT’s customizable campaign automation, go beyond basics to advanced stage and allow limitless possibilities for successful automation paths.

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