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It’s all about targeting the right customer at the right time. With ONMRT’s comprehensive Lead Management tools, marketers can ace all the three stages of lead management:

  • Customer awareness
  • Selling
  • Retention

Business grows when you put customers at the very heart of it. From Lead Scoring to Lead Nurturing and finally customer acquisition, it is imperative to have your strategy in place through the whole process of Lead Management. ONMRT’s lead management solutions help marketers create engaging campaigns to attract customers towards the very first stage of the sales cycle.

a) Lead Scoring and Grading

Assign scores to leads based on their profile and how they interact with your marketing campaign. Customize and adjust your lead score by identifying the prominence of activities performed by customers on the website. If the score exceeds a certain mark, then the lead is moved further to the next stage automatically.

b) Lead Nurturing

There are numerous barriers that prevent leads to be converted into customers but successful marketers understand that lead nurturing only can break these barriers. Educate your customers using Lead Nurturing Stage, subsequently moving them down the marketing funnel to consideration and decision making.

c) Identify upsell opportunities

ONMRT’s tools not only focus on new lead generation but also on upsell opportunities if an existing customer is reactivated. This helps the marketers to reconnect with old customers and improves the sales productivity.

Third Party Integration

With ONMRT’s comprehensive digital platform, you have the autonomy to connect with 3rd-party software providers --CRM and CMS tools-- based on your business needs. Open source and open APIs provide you with the freedom to connect ONMRT to your business technology solutions.

ONMRT is a highly secure and scalable platform, so rest assured regarding the safety of your data. To keep up with the constantly growing Miritech Landscape, ONMRT’s customer support team and the open-source community aims to deliver technology integrations at an unprecedented speed.

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