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Connect with your customers through Smart, Scalable and Personalized Email automation by ONMRT and achieve your marketing goals. ONMRT helps you create interactive email campaigns using high-end tools and plugins, ensuring the right message is sent at the right time.

a) Ready to use Email Templates

With ONMRT’s ready to use email templates, you can create professional emails from scratch using our drag and drop interface within few minutes. Choose the one that is best suited for your marketing goal from dozens of responsive templates available at ONMRT, designed to convert leads to sales.

b) Ease in Newsletter Creation

You don’t have to be a tech wizard or a design expert to create beautiful newsletters. With ONMRT’s tools, just drag and drop the design blocks or choose from the library to get a well-designed newsletter in just a few clicks.

c) Email Tracker

Optimize your emails according to the reports and analysis inferred by ONMRT for you. In-depth reporting provides insights about every email you build and lets you improve the outcomes by optimizing better- automated campaigns.

Website Tracking

Your website is your passage to successful sales and customer acquisition. With ONMRT’s website tracking tool you can get all the insights that your sales team require to turn the leads to customers. Monitor the visitor behavior in real time to learn from insights and improve your website. Engage your leads with the content that attracts them, and receive a higher rate of conversion along with increased sales efficiency.

a) Track duration and activities

With ONMRT’s efficient solutions, monitor the activities of your leads and duration for which they are on your site. Track what they are doing, which pages are they viewing, which topics are they clicking, to know how long they are engaged on your website. This allows you to track every step of your lead and improve your content, making sure you don’t lose a potential customer.

b) Find where they are coming from

ONMRT’s real-time insights enable the marketers to know from where the audience is coming from, to the website. The efficient tools track down all the sources and search terms that led the visitor to your site.

c) Find what they like

ONMRT’s Website Tracking solutions lets you understand what products and services your leads are interested in. This also allows you to arm your sales team with all the information about the leads they require to get high conversion rates.

Performance Metrics

Gain a deeper understanding of your marketing ROI with powerful metrics from ONMRT. With this interactive tool, it is easier to know which marketing campaigns are performing well, the keywords that are succeeding, which traffic sources and locations are getting you the best conversions and much more.

Maximize sales and marketing efforts with advanced performance metrics from ONMRT making data-driven marketing decisions.

a) Better Segmentation

By analyzing the reports, you can make better decisions regarding contact segmentation. Campaign Performance insights will help you understand your audience and their preferred channels of communication for higher conversion rates leading to better segmentation.

b) Data Collection and Reporting

Through data collection and detailed reports identify the most effective ways and channels to engage your leads and learn about contact behavior, pipeline growth, audience engagement, and email results. Measure campaign results in a single view, or by individual component, and adapt campaigns based on results to continually improve engagement and conversion.

Social Listening

With Social listening, monitor digital conversations to understand what customers are saying about your brand and industry online. ONMRT empowers marketers with a single workflow for more automated and personalized inbound and outbound engagements, providing reps more time selling and less time conducting administrative tasks.

a) Personalizing and Building

Personalize every message to gain new prospects from targeted accounts, and nurture those leads for high conversion rates. Grow stronger relationships and audience engagement by using their preferred channel of communication.

b) Automate responses to their activities

Customize relevant and automated communication based on social interactions for the users when they perform any important activity on the website. ONMRT provides readymade options of messages/email templates with fully customizable layout options. Automating responses will allow you to engage your leads till the sales team reaches them for conversion.

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